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Best Cleaning Services in Camp Springs MD

Get Complete Peace Of Mind With Our House Cleaning In Camp Springs, MD


Do you struggle juggling work, family, and those all-important social duties? Even with the best intentions, it's often hard to find the time or energy to keep your house looking its best. Tackling hours of house cleaning yourself is no fun. Carrying heavy vacuum cleaners, mops, and buckets up and downstairs to clean mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors can easily ruin your weekend fund.

Finding quality house cleaning is a major pain point for most people. That is when we come in! Universal Cleaning is the company you need to get a neat and tidy house. We offer all types of cleaning services. Our cleaners are experts at making your home look so good you’d want to invite friends over for dinner!

Universal Cleaning is where spotless cleaning comes to your door. No need to worry about not fitting in cleaning around your day - let us do all the work for you. Just give us a call and experience cleaning at its finest.

About Camp Springs, MD


Camp Springs is no doubt a suburban oasis lying amidst the capital. This unincorporated census-designated community is situated between Washington, D.C., and Andrews Air Force Base. This suburb has plenty of sites to offer to its residents, including natural spaces, sports complexes, markets, and other fun attractions.

We Understand What You Need For A Detailed House Cleanup

We are offering home cleaning services at a reasonable price with unmatched quality. Our services are flexible, and you can hire us weekly, biweekly, or every evening. We are also available on weekends. Here is what our house cleaning includes:


Kitchen Cleaning


  • Countertop and backsplash cleaning

  • Changing kitchen towels and aprons

  • Mopping the floors

  • Faucet and sink cleaning

  • Cleaning appliances

  • Stove and chimney cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning


  • Cleaning and disinfecting all parts of the toilet

  • Cleaning soap scums from bathtub and showerhead

  • Vanity and faucet cleaning

  • Cleaning tiles and grout 

  • Changing towels and bath mats

Bedroom & Other Rooms


  • Dusting all the furniture and fixtures

  • Dusting doors and windows

  • Arranging bookshelves 

  • Organizing shoe rack and closet

  • Making the bed

  • Ceiling fans and lighting fixtures cleanup



  • Emptying garbage cans 

  • Deck cleaning

  • Gazebo and outer space cleanup

  • Staircase cleaning

  • Basement cleaning 

  • Attic cleaning

  • Storeroom cleaning

We Have A Solution For All Your Cleaning Needs


We are the all-purpose house cleaners you were looking for. We offer a variety of home cleaning services, including the following:

Window Washing Camp Springs

Cleaning windows is a pretty complicated job. The constant balancing on chairs, ladders, and stuff while trying desperately not to drop the bar of suds onto your shirt that in turn will ruin your fresh new shoes. No need to ache your arms by rubbing and washing your windows by yourself when you have professionals by your side. Let our window cleaners handle all the dirty work for you!

Pressure Washing in MD

Our pressure washing services are designed to offer great value for money while delivering a perfectly cleaned home or business. The pressure wash is performed by experienced and trained professionals who focus less on the equipment and more on what they can achieve with it. For a premium clean anyone can afford, contact Universal Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning


Carpets can be a challenge to clean because of their size and the difficulty of maintaining the softness of the fibers. Our carpet cleaners know how to use the right products to keep the softness and freshness sustained. We provide our customers with low-cost and premium quality services to meet all their carpet cleaning needs.

Maid Services


Finding a maid service can be very time-consuming. You have to check the reviews, find out whether they are licensed and insured. And choose between hourly or daily rates. Universal Cleaning is affordable, fast, and straightforward. Let us know the date you would like to schedule an appointment and confirm a time slot with our dedicated customer service staff. From mopping the floors to dusting every corner of your house, our maids will cater to you most professionally!

Licensed, Insured, And Certified

We have a team of licensed, insured, and certified house cleaners who are thoroughly background checked. Universal Cleaning understands that you need to feel safe when anyone outside is getting into your stuff and roaming around the house. Don’t worry; our cleaners are diligent and honest with their work. Call Us now and get free Estimates 

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