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House Cleaning Services In Upper Marlboro, MD

Get Your House Cleaned With The Best Cleaning Service In Upper Marlboro MD

Upper Marlboro is a very tight-knitted community located on the seat of Prince George’s County. Residents here mostly own their homes and are well aware of their surroundings, which means that you can expect many backyard parties and neighborhood get-togethers. You know what it means, right? Your home needs to be all tidy up because you surely want to leave an impression on the guests!

Let Universal Cleaning Service help you ease the stress with the most comprehensive house cleaning in Upper Marlboro. We are a residential cleaning company that understands weekends are for resting, partying, and meeting with your friends. You want to visit the Upper Marlboro Community Center for a sport and relax afterward, but the mess in the house won’t let you. Give yourself a break and leave all the dirt and dust to us!

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Let's Hire The Professional House Cleaning Experts 

What Makes Our House Cleaning Stand Out

Universal Cleaning strives to make every home in MD sparkly clean. We aim to build a cleaner and healthier community; that is why our cleaners are always a step ahead to provide you with detailed results. We have a team of qualified maids and janitors to cater to all your cleaning needs. Whether you are with a busy family or dealing with solo living, our services are equally efficient. So, if you want to save some energy for watching Netflix or chilling out with friends, let us spare you from the hassle of cleaning. We offer services on weekends and evenings as well. Contact us, and we’ll handle it all!

Home Maid Services

The general duties of a maid in MD include detailed cleaning of your kitchens and bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, dusting, and making beds. At Universal Cleaning, our housemaids can do more than that upon request. If you want more than a general cleanup, you can also request a deep cleaning expert, and we’ll send our best house cleaning maids to cater to you. We will also assist you in choosing the cleaning plan according to your budget.


Housekeeping Upper Marlboro MD

Along with the best maids, we also have housekeeping staff for solo apartments, condos, and shared rooms for students. You can call our housekeeper to do your dishes, wash your clothes. Sweep and mop your floors, and empty your trash. Our housekeepers stand behind their experience and devotion to serve you with the best. All you need to do is give them the instructions once, and they will handle the rest.


Residential Carpet Cleaning

Having children and pets in your house means your carpets will be prone to spills and stains frequently. Rugs and carpets are expensive, and you don’t want their fibers to get ruined because of the harmful chemical cleaners. Luckily, you have our carpet cleaning staff! Whether you can carpet vacuuming, steam cleaning, or detailed washing, get in touch, and we'll make your carpet look new!

Window Cleaning Service

We are the all-rounder residential cleaners determined to make your home shine from the inside out. Our team in Upper Marlboro will also clean the interior and exterior of your windows in our deep house cleaning process. We use the squeegee technique for cleaning the inside of the windows and pressure washing for the outer side for streak-free windows.


We Use Safe Products

We care for your home just like our own. We understand that different surfaces require different cleaning techniques, which is why our cleaners take a tour of your house before starting. They will see if you have wooden or tiled floors and use specific non-toxic products. We have unique water-based solutions that are way better than the harsh bleaching formulas. Along with that, we use multiple products for every area in your house, including mold removers, dust cleaners, and stain removers. We use low VOC detergents and sprays to break dirt and grime

Services Available On Weekends & Evenings

You deserve some relaxation and free time after a long week of 9 to 5 jobs and handling your family alongside. The best part is that you can hit us even on weekends and evenings, and we’ll be more than happy to serve!

Free Estimates

Whether you call us for our housekeeping, house cleaning, or maid service, our rates will never disrupt your budget. When you call us, our team will first inspect the situation of the house to get a rough estimate. We'll offer a free estimate so that you won’t have any last moment surprise upon the payment time. To get your house cleaning estimate, call us today!

What Does A Professional House Cleaning Include?


Complete house cleaning services require pro staff to make every nook and cranny of your home spotless. Professional cleaning services list includes daily services, weekly, biweekly, and monthly packages. If you are looking to hire house cleaning near you in MD, they'll offer the following:

  • Dusting

  • Sweeping

  • Mopping

  • Vacuuming 

  • Cleaning doors

  • Bathroom cleaning services

  • Kitchen cleaning services

  • Countertop cleaning

  • Floor cleaning

  • Disinfecting the house

  • Window cleaning services

  • How do I prepare for window cleaning?
    You should remove the window blinds and dust all the areas that may come in contact with the windows after cleaning. Next, remove any delicate items you have placed near the window, such as a wall hanging, a picture, or a shelf plant.
  • How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?
    When you have invested in a carpet cleaning service, you must give at least 6 hours for proper drying. The carpet must be thoroughly dried because moving your furniture and walking on a wet carpet will make it dirty again.
  • How often should you get house cleaning services?
    You can choose from multiple packages, including weekly, biweekly, or monthly. However, the time of service depends on how busy you are, the size of your house, and how many people live in the house.
  • What should you not pressure wash?
    Pressure washers use high-pressure of up to 3000psi that can damage some surfaces, including the following: . Electric panels and meters . Wood sidings . Plants . Lead paint
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