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House Cleaning in Accokeek, MD

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Get Professional House Cleaning With A Personal Touch In Accokeek, MD

Cleaning becomes one of the most cumbersome tasks when you are exhausted from the week’s work. However, no one likes a dirty home as well. Whether you live in a family house, a one-bed apartment, or a rented condo, cleaning can be pretty tiring. Another significant issue is procrastination. You start cleaning up the mess, find something that sparks up a memory, and get lost in the moment delaying the task.

You deserve to sit and have some moments of your own because weekends aren’t for housework. For that, you need a cleaning company that fully understands your needs and provide customized solutions. Universal Cleaning has been bringing out the beauty of your living space from beneath the layers of dirt for years. We are a team of detail-oriented and experienced housekeepers, maids, janitors, and cleaners to serve you with a full range of services in Accokeek Maryland.

About Accokeek, MD

The small unincorporated community of Accokeek is located in Prince George’s County of Maryland, just 12 miles south of downtown Washington, D.C. The name of this town is derived from a tribe that means “Rising Ground.” Being close to the major suburbs, including Arlington and Alexandria, the town is the perfect place for people looking for a blend of peacefulness, historical values, and easy access to the major cities.

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The Best House Cleaning In Accokeek MD

You may not take it too seriously, but your home needs to be cleaned at least after every week. Doing so will keep the air quality better with lower chances of dust and allergies. We offer deep house cleaning services in which we cover every nook and cranny of your home. Do not let the sparkle of your home fade away under the mess, and give us a call. Cleaners at Universal Cleaning have all the equipment, be it the different sizes of air duct cleaning brushes or floor cleaning detergents. Whether you live in the family homes of White Hall Terrace or the well-established neighborhood of Accokeek Acres, you’ll find our services the most affordable.

We offer the following:

  • Kitchen cleaning 

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Floor mopping

  • Dusting

  • Disinfecting

  • Staircase and patio cleanup

  • Sweeping and vacuuming

  • Doors & windows

Diverse Range Of Services

Along with a comprehensive list of house cleaning services, we aim to exceed your expectations! Our cleaners are skilled at providing you with the following in MD:

Maid Service

Trust us when we say that our maids will come fully prepared with green cleaning products and in the tidiest of uniforms. So, if you are looking for a housekeeping service nearby in MD, we are your one-stop solution to get a shiny and spotless home. We promise you a clean house with our best maid service

Pressure Washing

If you are tired of looking at your house's dull and dirty exterior, you need to call our pressure washing services. Poor air quality, dust, and rainfall promote mold growth, rust, and stubborn dirt to stick on your roof, patio surface, fences, sidings, and driveways. Our pressure washing techniques are the latest, which is why we never leave a spot behind.

Window Cleaning Service

We clean your windows bright, just like your future. If you don’t keep your windows cleaned, the dirt will keep building up, and it will eventually block all the sunlight from coming in. You will also see discoloration of the window glass, making it look unaesthetic. Window cleaners at Universal Cleaning are all set to make your windows free from streaks.

Office Cleaning For Your Business

A clean office plays a vital role in promoting your business and enticing clients to deal with you. Not only that, it will boost productivity in your employees. Our janitors are licensed, insured, and rigorously trained to handle all the office cleaning tasks without a sweat.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you need move-in or move-out cleaning, we are at a call’s distance. As a responsible tenant, you should leave your house all neat and tidy for the new occupants. Similarly, cleaning the new house before a move increases the convenience of settling down. From the front door to the backyard of your home, we’ll clean it all!

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Whole House Cleaned?

The cost of house cleaning depends on the type of services you have selected. For example, if you are looking for a house deep cleaning service, you can expect the cost to be around $200. However, for single-room apartments or condominiums, the price can range between $90 and $150.  

Should I Pay For Home Cleaning?

For most homeowners, hiring a cleaning company is an unaffordable luxury, but that is not the reality. The time you can save by calling a housemaid will be worth the money. So, it is better to hire cleaning help than to spend your weekends scrubbing the floors.

What Is Included In A Deep Home Cleanup?

When you hire a company to clean your house in-depth, it will be nothing like a regular cleanup. A deep house cleaning includes the dusting, sweeping, washing, and mopping, of all the areas that are hard to reach or hardly noticed, such as underneath the furniture, behind the curtains, basements, and crawlspace. Deep cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning interior of your appliances

  • Window frames, sills, and interior

  • Patio doors and staircase

  • Ceiling and fans

  • Mopping tiled floors and remove dirt from grouts

  • Getting rid of soap scums from faucets and showerheads

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